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Dear Friend,

I know that by the time you read this, your mood will more than likely be different, but try to read it in the same mood you were in when you wrote to us.

I do the work I do, not because I seek recognition, or payment, or thanks. I do it simply because I love doing it! The same goes for my unit of warriors. By doing what we do we walk what is for us a Path with a Heart. But what makes this path even more special is when we have the opportunity of being able to welcome a new friend to join us on this truly wonder-full journey we call life!

In walking a Path with a Heart we laugh, we cry, we rejoice in our triumphs and we embrace our failures with the same heartfelt gratitude as when we succeed, for upon this path there is no failure as such - there are only opportunities to learn, to grow, and to make new friends!

Your heartfelt expression was thanks and payment enough. More than enough! Thank you! So there is no need to keep on thanking us! :)

With much warmth,