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  • Challenge (s), embracing, results of
  • Careers, meaning of
  • Openness, importance of
  • Participation, importance of
  • Folly, laughing at
  • Challenge (s), calling forth

Dear Y,

How wonderful it is to see you opening up and starting to participate. For you this is indeed a BIG step. For those who have not yet met Y, allow me to point out that although she is a lawyer she nevertheless has a huge fear of interacting publicly - so, of course, she just HAD to become a lawyer!!! SMT RATFL

Y, your lovely email from last night made me laugh and cry! And I would like to use this opportunity of pointing out to the group what a truly superb example you have set. Embracing your challenge fully and without complaining. Knowing that you have called forth this challenge because of always having wanted to seek approval and because of your fear of rejection. And yet, all the time laughing at your own folly, even though the tears are there!

Russell, my warriors and I send you our love and our strength,
With much warmth,