Male, the, supporting the purpose of, conditions in from Warriors' Experience

  • Male, the, supporting the purpose of, conditions in
  • Male, the, not wanting to provide the lead
  • Female, the, falling in love with the male's potential

Dear Ladies,

I hear you, and yes, you can be strong and determined and DUTIFULLY loyal, because of a heartfelt love, but do REMEMBER that it takes TWO to tango. We just cannot tango by ourselves, especially if the male does not wish to lead! Females all TOO often fall in love with the potential in a man, but what use is that potential if it is never materialised?

As one of you ladies recently pointed out, she is willing to walk four thousand miles barefoot to support a true male, but she will NOT take the lead of a willing labourer. At a previous retreat this same female shared with the group that as far as labourers go her char is just FINE, AND she doesn't have to have sex with her char! LOL!

Consider this; is your love truly unconditional in supporting weak men in their weaknesses? Are you being true to yourselves by compromising yourselves? Ask yourselves, is this marriage for me a Path With a Heart? Only YOU can answer these questions for YOURSELVES! No-one, not even I as nagal, can LIVE your lives for you. I can only give guidance.

I send you my love, my warmth and my strength,
With warm regards,