Awareness, Mother's, cause of from Warriors' Experience

  • Awareness, Mother's, cause of
  • Role (s), of the female
  • Male, the, having claimed his power, not
  • Little Boy, the, nature of
  • Little Boy, the, results of being
  • Mother Aspect, the, the Great
  • Female, the, role of
  • Female, the, disrespect for


Théun, are you saying that as females we should not be supporting our husbands to claim their power as males, even if we can see that they are being weak because of possibly feeling insecure in some way?


No, I am not referring to couples like you and your husband who are both on the Path together! With respect to this, you are completely correct in that you SHOULD be supporting your husband in claiming his power as a male.

However, what I am referring to is where the female is on the Path, but her husband is neither on the Path, nor INTERESTED in wanting to claim his power as a male. Such a man is nearly always in Little Boy mode and therefore forcing his wife into Mother's Awareness, or else he tends to be over-dominant and therefore has no real RESPECT for the female.