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Dear Members of the Russian Forum,

First of all I would like to congratulate all of you on the truly magnificent effort you all made to write your motive statements in English! I feel humbled in that I cannot do the same for you in Russian. :)

Secondly I would like to express to you how deeply touched Russell, my Man of Action, and I were at reading your heartfelt motive statements. We look forward to being able to interact with you all on the Hunters' Lodge email group of which you too will now be a part. X will explain all of this to you in much more detail.

With respect to X I would like to point out that you have him to thank for the fact that you will from now on be included in my work with both the UK and NA Forums. Although X has had to fight every inch of the way on behalf of you and himself, he has, with all due respects, been like a tenacious bull terrier! LOL! Never has he given up fighting! And never has he been willing to accept that maybe the Russian Forum will never come into being! You all owe X your deepest respect and heartfelt thanks!

With respect to the above I would like to explain something of great importance to you, therefore take this guidance seriously and to heart.

Because of the harmful and debilitating effects that socialism has had upon the Russian people I have purposefully stood back and been absolutely ruthless towards all of you through the medium of X. Poor X! Because he has always been the link between yourselves and me he has had to take the blows from me on your behalf! And believe me, he has taken some VERY HARD blows. But he has always still come back fighting the good fight! :)

The reason for my having been so ruthless is mainly because I did not want any of you to fall into the trap of believing because of your circumstances that you are victims and that the world therefore owes it to you to somehow make it okay for you. In this respect I have had far too many letters from Russians asking, no, pleading, for help. But your circumstances are your challenges and those challenges must be faced and handled by yourselves if you are to claim the gifts of power they are meant to bring you. If at any stage I had taken pity on you, which sometimes was very difficult for me not to do, I would have been disempowering you, rather than truly helping you.

Now, however, that you have got yourselves to this new position of strength and willingness to embrace the teachings I am greatly looking forward to working with you all.

Once again, I wish to salute each and every one of you for your heartfelt determination to fight for that in which you believe. Keep up the good work and let us hope to meet each other in the near future.

With warm regards,