Response, versus reaction from Warriors' Experience

  • Response, versus reaction
  • Words, importance of
  • Reaction, versus response
  • Listening, without prejudice
  • Humour, importance of


I feel extremely angry at Z's latest email to all the men in the group! And I don't like the way in which he disguised his insults as humour!


My dear friend, if you look CAREFULLY at what Z has said to each of you without REACTING and without prejudice, you will see the validity in what he is saying, not only with the words he uses, but also with the subtle nuances that are only possible through the use of humour. So what I am saying is that the truth hurts, no? B-:) Also, if he had not used humour, but still pointed out what he did, he would have come across as being arrogant and cruel, neither of which were his intention which is why he was using humour to get across his message. Humour, my friend, sweetens a blow that could otherwise be lethal!