Complacency, results of from Warriors' Experience

  • Complacency, results of
  • Personal History, nature of
  • Chance (s), taking one's
  • Belief (s), importance of
  • Ambush


We have all been witness to Y's relationship with you ever since the start of this e-forum, and it has been, at least in my own perception, not very good. So why are you now coming up in defense of his latest behaviour? I don't understand the sudden shift in your relationship.


Y has seen how very selective and complacent in your view of the world most of you still are and therefore he somehow knew that, given his early and even still quite recent history with me, you would automatically view his sudden ambush of you all as being out of line. In this he showed you up beautifully, in that you have not really been watching him and giving him credit for the really big steps he has been taking of late. And neither have you really taken to heart the encouragement I have been giving him recently. Z, however, HAS been taking this encouragement on board and therefore although he never once discussed his strategy with me and although I was totally unaware of his proposed ambush, he TOOK HIS CHANCES in HAVING TO BELIEVE that I would be there for him when the moment comes! Remember? A warrior has to take his chances, and he has to believe, otherwise there is nothing, meaning there is no action. Once again! In this Y set you all a truly brilliant example! :)