Trap, the, walking into from Warriors' Experience

  • Trap, the, walking into
  • Female, the, supporting the male, examples of
  • Wide Awake, being, importance of
  • Female, the, becoming a second-rate male


Théun, being one of the females that got jumped on by X in the recent fray on the e-forum, I would like to know why you are supporting X in her attack on the females whilst the males were being ambushed by her husband?


:) I knew I was going to be questioned on this one. LOL! Whenever it was that X's husband was planning his ambush of the males it is quite clear from the results that X was right there behind her man and just waiting to JUMP with, "Whoopee here she comes," on the first aggressive female to launch forth into the fray of the battle! And she so very cleverly pointed out to you your folly when she questioned, "Why are you jumping in here? This is male business, not female business. Or do you WANT to prove yourself to be a second-rate male?" LOL! And, guess who got jumped on first? You, of course! Once again, had you only been much more wide awake to everyone's folly, including your own, you would have seen that X had been waiting for her gap to pounce on you. But instead you walked, no RAN into that trap! LOL!