Stalker, the Westerly from Warriors' Experience

  • Stalker, the Westerly
  • Self, totality of the, nature of
  • Peace, requirements for
  • Totality of the Self, nature of
  • Colour (s), importance of
  • Dogs


I cannot understand what N is trying to bring to my attention concerning the black and white dog? Am I just being slow, or what? I know I at first missed the fact that dogs are a symbol of friendship, but why is she still bringing me back to this subject?


LOL! What you have missed, my impatient and irritable friend, is the implications of the colours, namely, black and white. What she is pointing out to you is that where there is totality of self there is also inner and outer peace, something which you still lack within your own life. Without that wholeness there is always inner and outer strife. But a subtlety that I should point out here with respect to you is that one of the biggest challenges for a Westerly Stalker is NOT to view everything as black and white. Having the innate tendency to forge straight ahead, the Westerly Stalker all too often, in her impatience, will disregard the fact that ALL must be taken into consideration, the good, the bad, and everything in between.