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I know I am a Man of Action, but whenever I feel pressured into taking action, like with Z's latest challenge to me, a huge fear comes over me that I may act like a bull in a china shop, like I have often done in the past. Can you please give me some guidance on this?


My friend, it is not that Z wants you to be a bull in a china shop. But he wants you to show your strength in ACTION. In this, because we are working with power, there is no other way to learn other than to DO. Only through EXPERIENCE can power be gained. All along Z has been saying, "What is the worst thing that can happen if we make a mistake? If we are wanting to LEARN and if we are OPEN and DEFENSELESS to that learning, then we can ONLY but learn - gain power!"

I know that you fear being a bully, but I also know where your heart lies! Your heart is good and strong and very open. You do not want to be a bully and you know that just as well as I do. :) Therefore you should trust your heart and listen to it. And with respect to this I have also told you that I WANT you, EXPECT you, to seek out my guidance whenever you feel the need to do so. This is your prerogative as an alpha male. Use it! And you also know that I will continue to watch carefully and give you guidance wherever necessary. But even so, realise that I cannot DO it for you, otherwise you will never gain the confidence or the power to act in your own right.

If then you do make some mistakes along the way, the worst thing that can happen is that the wheels will come off! But so what? If we are being OPEN and DEFENSELESS and if we are WILLING to learn, then the wheels can always again be found and put back on! LOL! In that spirit of true openness, mistakes, although they do COST us and sometimes very painfully so, always serve to DEEPEN the friendship and to BROADEN our understanding of each other. It is only petulant children who DO NOT want to learn that will skulk away to sulk in a corner somewhere, in which case we ferret them out and we give them a jolly good HIDING! LOL! Adults don't sulk, even if they do get hurt by another person's fumbling with learning. With respect to this you know that the warrior takes the punches standing up! :)

Look at Z's example. He has taken many a beating from me in the past, but look where he is now and look with how much LOVE he recently addressed Y. By giving Y his own example he is saying, "For heaven's sake man, do you really think you are any worse than I am, or that I am any better than you are? I have got that goddamned T-shirt and if I could chuck it away then why are you still CHOOSING to feel so BAD about yourself? Do you WANT to feel bad about yourself? Or do you WANT to feel like a warrior?" :)