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Members of the UK & NA Forums,

You will PER-HAPS be glad to know that I am back with you, but by FAR not WITH the majority of you! From out of the corner of my eye I see, here and there, across the battlefield, the lustre of a few true gems, shining brightly and that light waxing stronger day by day! There is no need for me to mention these by name, for within their heart of hearts they simply KNOW that they have been impeccable and therefore do not NEED me to acknowledge what their own hearts are already telling them. As such I am not looking at them right now and therefore they should stand aside, for right now my vision is fixed upon those who stand DIRECTLY in my line of fire! Those who INSIST upon standing directly BE-TWEEN FREEDOM versus INDULGENCE!

Since my return to Hunters' Lodge I have had the dubious pleasure of having to wade my way through a thousand odd emails! And I was mostly NOT impressed at ALL! What a lot of self-importance! What a lot of self-pity! What a lot of highly SELECTIVE perception! What a lot of CON-FUSION! What a GREAT DEAL of unadulterated pettiness, petulance and lack of even a vague trace of impeccability!

Can you HEAR nothing??? Can you not even BEGIN to LISTEN to NO-THING with every fibre of your being?!!! Or are these core groups fast turning into an EXERCISE/PRACTICE of supporting the EVERY-THING in all of its most BE-LOVED folly!? How many of you are at all literate? Or is your ability with literature CON-FINED to being able to read only the face value of a word here and a word there?! Who of you can truly READ?! Who of you actually DO read the books with FULL attention? Who of you have even begun to notice that humanity has access to THREE different levels of ATTENTION?!

And what about the retreats? What about the enormous amount of guidance you have ALREADY received, not only on the retreats, but ALSO on this e-group?????? Have any of you ever SERIOUSLY CON-SIDERED that maybe, just maybe, the teachings could POSSIBLY work for you IF you make the required EFFORT to stop FARTING through your BLABBER mouths and start to TRY to LIVE the IMPECCABLE life of the warrior???!!! You are all so BUSY blabbering, that none of you can even begin to hear ANY-THING, let alone LISTEN! And you are all so busy PROTECTING your SILLY LITTLE FOLLY, that it seems to me that you are trying your level best to see who can SHOUT the loudest!!! "ME! ME! ME! I am SHOUTING the LOUDEST and SHOUTING the most CRAP and therefore AM I not a BRILLIANT warrior? But excuse me! A brilliant what? Forgive me! But the stench coming out of your mouths is quite nauseating.

If I have to hear anything more about the WISE spirit of the English warrior, which in your case turns out to be a DIS-GRACE to the true heritage of this most WONDER-FULL island, I will don a COLOUR of woad that will be like a nightmare come true! And if I have to witness just ONE more soppy SUPERFICIAL American slap-the-BREATH out of a fellow "BROTHER" or "SISTER," I will become so violent with your nether regions that you WILL learn the meaning of DEPTH!

It is TIME to grow up!!! Do you lot hear me!!! Are you lot WILLING to LISTEN to me??? Or are we just WASTING each other's time? What is the Cry of the Eagle all about? What is TIME all about? WHAT?!!!!!!!

As my American "brothers and sisters" well KNOW, I very nearly did NOT teach the American retreat! Why? Because on the night before the retreat was due to start power precipitated me into one of the heaviest and fiercest battles I have ever had to fight to date on behalf of humanity. And that when I was already running on reserve due to the great many battles power has hurled at me one after another for the past two years - two years of an intense fatigue that has left me pretty well depleted! Well! As my back-slapping "brothers and sisters" also know, that little battle lasted until approximately two and a half hours before the retreat was due to commence, after which I slumped into an exhausted heap! When finally Y did manage to DRAG me into the course room I knew that I was in no fit state to teach. If I had tried I would have been RIPPING you off, which would have been a most unimpeccable thing to do! Therefore I told you I was postponing the retreat until I could give you my BEST! After that I embarked upon my return to Hunters Lodge, my place of predilection - to replenish my resources, so to speak.

BUT power would have none of that! Dead on my feet or not, emotionally in pieces or not, mentally numbed or not, the NEXT battle HAD to PROCEED. So that same day I returned to the venue, "patched" myself up the best I could and, starting the following morning, I LIVED two of my most impeccable days ever.

May I remind you: "As warriors we go in there and we give it our everything. And when we feel as if we have nothing left to give, then we recall that the only failure in life is the failure to fight. In that moment the impeccability of the warrior's spirit surfaces to spur us on into renewed effort and to inspire us with an even greater sense of strength and purpose than ever before."

In those two days, working morning, noon and night to make up for the lost day, I gave you my BEST as if NO-THING had ever happened! But NO-THING did indeed MATERIALISE! My own resources were depleted, my reserves were finished and so there was only one thing I could do, namely, bring forth a POWER I did not suspect I have! Do you bunch of infantile and ineffective idiots FEEL that you could, just POSSIBLY could, TAKE MY LEAD???! Follow my example?!

But, the cost took its toll and so on the flight from New York to Paris the day after the retreat, I nearly died. I spent six hours on that stupid aircraft with nothing but an oxygen mask and my will to live between death and myself. I had never before considered doing my last dance on an aircraft, but the message from power was loud and clear. Romanticism and self-centred mental idealism would be the death of me unless I take some utterly ruthless steps to SOME-HOW circumvent humanity's LACK of readiness to materialise the Yellow Rose of Friendship, which has got ABSOLUTELY nothing WHATSOEVER to do with romanticism or mental idealism! True FRIENDSHIP, my love-ly friends, takes an ENORMOUS amount of HARD WORK! And an ENORMOUS sense of OBJECTIVE REALITY!!!

BUT, I have survived!

And if just ONE "wise" Englishman steps forward to want to offer me the support of the "stiff upper lip"; or just ONE "loving" American wants to offer me some soppy emotional slush, I will PROVE to you that a warrior needs no PITY!!! It is HONESTY, REALNESS, and above all true WARMTH and LOVE that the world needs! NOT the stiff upper lip, nor emotional slush and slime!

I have survived ONLY to tell you that UNLESS you are going to become truly WILLING to muster up the required OPEN-NESS to learn what it is to SHIFT the focus from the separativeness and self-centredness of the MIND, to the inclusiveness and SELF-ishness of the HEART, you and I are, quite frankly, wasting each other's TIME!!! There is a HUGE BIG difference be-tween the self-important little self and that true SELF which is the mark of the warrior's spirit!!!

May I remind you that I am wanting to build core groups of STRONG people who can FIGHT like TRUE warriors!!! I can neither justify the time nor the energy spent in playing toy soldiers in a sand pit with a bunch of petulant and arrogant children trying to throw sand into each other's eyes! You either grow up FAST and get CRACKING with TRYING to LIVE like warriors, or there is NO DEAL!!! And just in case you have not noticed, our "friends," the Russians, have just arrived in our midst!

Oh!? So NOW what do we have here?! Interesting! So many "heartfelt" people coming from the MIND, coming from the NORTH?! Coming from the COLD, calculating place of POLITICS! Not too much WARM-BLOODED ACTION here! Too many HIDDEN agendas! Too much of the "right hand" not knowing what the "left hand" is doing! Too many LIES that are not only told, but also BELIEVED by the narrators!!! 70 years of a SPECIAL breeding program? What happened to the Sword of Power? I do not know! I do NOT trust! Action will reveal ALL!!! My sword is at the ready! It is ALL-READY raised! And my seer's vision is OPERATING on HIGH ALERT!!! Welcome, Russian friends! But I should NOT be using the word "friend", should I? It has for you a stalker's meaning, yes?

The stage is set, ALL of my friends! If I am to lead you to FREEDOM, then know that you can ONLY claim your power by being challenged BY power!!! This is no JOKE! THIS is REALITY!!! East meets West! From now on HuntersLodge e-group is no longer a sand pit! It has become the REALITY of a REAL battlefield. I warn you, the world is NOT what it appears to be - and NEITHER are the ACTIONS of a nagal, especially not a nagal who just happens to be a stalker! I have stalked all of you long and hard into this arena. TAKE your gap to freedom NOW, or else LEAVE in a hurry!


P.S. CHILDREN will be automatically REMOVED from the battlefield for their own SAFETY!