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  • Behaviour, changing, the need for
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My girlfriend has ended our relationship, even though I feel that I have shown her unconditional love right throughout our relationship. I am wondering if you can help me see where to from here?


I had every intention of advising your girlfriend to kick you out of her life if you are so stubbornly UNWILLING to change your behaviour. It would, however, seem that she already arrived at this point without guidance being necessary. But NOW what? Are you just going to sit in a corner and eat a can of worms? Or are you going to start FIGHTING your own behaviour like a true male? You know damn well why your girlfriend kicked you out, so stop trying to cover up for your lack of action by calling your behaviour unconditional love. Instead LOOK at YOUR behaviour which brought about an act of TRUE unconditional love. Learn WHERE to place the focus, you dickhead!