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Members of the e-forum,

It would seem that my last email to you is STILL not making any SENSE to those of you who just cannot stop talking up a storm! So this leaves me no option other than to become even MORE graphic in trying to get the message through to you!

ACTION is what brings about BELIEVING, not endless empty words! Empty words are nothing but so much hot air, or to be more precise, FARTS! Or have you knocked yourself so senseless keeping your noses UNDER the covers whilst farting incessantly, that you can no longer see this for yourselves?

Well, one piece of advice; for those of you who have farted yourselves out of your minds and therefore can no longer READ, please look up "nose" in the dream symbols written in some book entitled Cry of the Eagle by some jerk (can't quite recall his name right now), but living somewhere in South Africa in his place of predilection, or something like that, and, if I recall correctly, this place is called something like Hunter's Lodge. By the way, does anyone on the e-group know if this is the same name that is used for this e-group? Or is that maybe just a co-incidence? Perhaps I should put it in my journal, if I can find it, notate the day, the month and the year and then one day when I am OLD and SENILE I can cast a horoscope to see IF any of this can be found in the stars. Maybe then all these words will make some sense to my very philosophical brain. Oh! What fun it is to TALK! TALK! TALK!


Sorry! Can't THINK straight anymore! TOO much good-smelling stuff UNDER this COVER!