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Théun, I feel that I have somehow let you down because of my support of N. But my only intention was to point out that despite our folly as Russians, there is also a good side to the Russian people. Not all of us are traitors, although I know that there are those amongst us that have been acting in extremely questionable ways, and here too I wanted to put the record straight about N, for she, as you know, has been accused of being a traitor towards the Russian members because of her closeness to you. But, Théun, I honestly feel that in all of what is transpiring on the e-forum surrounding the Russian members it is not really about who is traitor, or who is enemy, for I know from experience that the only real foe is the one within us.


:) My lovely, friend, I KNOW! :) But I HAD to stalk all of you into seeing that sobriety can only be an enemy BECAUSE it is the product of selective perception! And, yes, all foes are on the inside, sobriety being one of them, and I NEED your HELP if we are going to get our Russian friends to WIN! THEY are too CAUGHT UP in the debilitating effects of 70 years of subservience, learning to LIE even to themselves as a means of survival, and worse still, in TRYING to hold onto even just ONE TINY thread of self-belief they are FORCED to BELIEVE their own lies. This is why X, and he is NOT the ONLY one, cannot TRUST his OWN judgement.

What is the bottom line in socialism? SELECTIVE PERCEPTION! Add to this the destiny of the Russian people and we have MIND personified! Do you see? IF our Russian friends are going to win, my friend, then my HEADACHE is how to get them to SHIFT the FOCUS from MIND to HEART! BUT if you do NOT even KNOW that you are lying it is just too EASY to JUSTIFY anything, rather than having that true OPEN-NESS that leads to the freedom inherent within NO-THING! To this effect it is all too easy to use EVEN the teachings to support your view of the world! So this is why I am still FISHING/STALKING! I told you! I want EVERY FRIEND on this forum to win! :)

As for N being a traitor, I KNOW that YOU do not think so, BUT there are too many Russians on this e-group, who with their selective perception COULD have taken your defence of the good side of the Russians as meaning that N is indeed a traitor. Once, again, my friend, I not only NEEDED you to be clear for their sakes, but I was also DEMONSTRATING for the benefit of you all, for your own deeper grasp, one of the moves in stalking! In other words, had I come to N's DIRECT defence when sometime ago she WAS accused of being a traitor, then to selective perception it would have appeared that I am biased towards my friend's wife. So I had to WAIT until power offered me the gap. You gave me that gap, for who better to support N than the one who challenged her, and a fellow Russian on top of it? With respect to this, I know that you had already given her acknowledgement before this, BUT it was also acknowledgement given together with some profound guidance from you. Again, not CLEAR enough for those labouring under selective perception! That is, your acknowledgement could have been read in any way according to the LEVEL of selective perception.