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Théun, I would like to come back to the issue of my husband's drinking on which you gave me some guidance not so long ago. I feel I did not really understand what you meant by not mothering him, for the way I understood your original guidance to me was that I should look after my husband.


What I meant when I said to you that you must look after your husband is that you should LOVE him enough to speak your heart, but also to SUPPORT him in his strengths, but NOT in his weaknesses! For example, let us look at the drinking. Set the example for your husband by moderating your own drinking and if then he wants to continue drinking into the night, just say goodnight as lovingly as you can and go to bed. If you refuse in this way to support his weaknesses he MUST and he WILL change his ways.

Also, if you start to look, you will find MANY different ways in which you can "look after" your husband. For example, he is also carrying far too MUCH water in his body tissue. This could lead to either heart or kidney problems. Some of it has to do with the drinking and some of it has to do with his diet. So use less salt, less sugar, less carbohydrates and MUCH more meat and vegetables. But MOST of all that water in the tissue is the result of HOW your husband FEELS about himself. He finds it hard to love himself, my friend, and therefore take his state of being into account and never miss an opportunity to either tell or show him how much you love him and value his friendship!

Take my lead on this one and look at how I am constantly letting your husband know that I love him, respect him and ENJOY his friendship. Every time he GIVES me that OPPORTUNITY I let him know. But notice the capitals and the implications. It takes TWO to tango! To be able to RECEIVE we must also know how to GIVE! But people ALWAYS take this at face value.

Does this make it clearer?