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  • Trust, requirements for


Théun, I am going to be honest by telling you that I do not fully trust you! Yes, I know that you are a stalker, but some of your actions and some of the guidance you give, especially the spiritual slant you place on the teachings, leaves me feeling unsure of your motives at times.


:) The reason you cannot trust me fully is because you CANNOT trust your OWN judgement, and if you cannot trust YOURSELF, then how can I trust you? It is not up to me to PROVE to you that I can be trusted. Bearing in mind that our hearts NEVER lie to us, we CHOOSE to either follow our hearts, or our minds! If you were listening to your heart, then ALL of the teachings will either ring true for you or not! Therefore to say that you have difficulties with some of the SPIRITUAL aspects of the teachings is a CLEAR indication of the fact that you are following your mind and not your heart. But the Warrior's Path is about the heart, whereas the Path of the Mother is about the mind.

I feel that the time has come for you to go and DE-CIDE for YOURSELF whether or not you CAN follow your heart.