Friends, relating to from Warriors' Experience

  • Friends, relating to
  • Impeccability, acting with, requirements for
  • Action (s), requirements for
  • Feeling (s), importance of
  • Worry


Théun, I want to ask for your guidance. I've got a problem. I'm indulging in being unimpeccable because I know I must choose between the life of an ordinary man and the life of a warrior. It doesn't worry me that I often lose control and follow my view of the world, because I know that I'm struggling with letting go my view of the world. But what does worry me is that sometimes I feel very bad because I don't want to act like my friends and therefore become unsure of how to relate to them. I end up feeling confused and unsure what to do. And this worries me more and more.

The other thing that worries me about my lack of impeccability is that I act only if something worries me. So my question is how to act before the issue becomes a nagging worry? Or should I even be worried about anything? Maybe if I stopped worrying my lack of impeccability will just resolve itself?


Worry IS the whole point! You WORRY too much! Learn to FEEL and get OUT of your HEAD! If you come from the heart you WILL act impeccably, and then you will also know how to relate to your friends and to take action when you need to!