Teachings, the Toltec, for the left side, examples of from Warriors' Experience

  • Teachings, the Toltec, for the left side, examples of
  • Male, the, lead, lack of a
  • Openness, importance of
  • Openness, versus being crest-fallen
  • Lead, the, of the male, lack of
  • Defencelessness, importance of
  • Crest-fallen


Théun, I need your guidance on what I learned this past weekend.

It is very important for me to follow the lead of the males in the group, not only because I want to, but also because I have never not had a male lead in my life, even if some were not particularly good leads! But what I have learned since being on my own is that although I truly love my newfound freedom and independence, yet I feel uncontained, scattered and aimless. I suppose I am just not very good at living life for myself only.


LOL! Why so crest-fallen? Quite besides which, you should take CARE not to MISS-TAKE being crest-fallen for being OPEN and DEFENSELESS. So come now! We ALL fall off the crest of the wave from time to time! It's tough, but we LEARN! Now use your sword to stab YOURSELF in the LITTLE TOE well and proper! <wg>