Martyr, the, versus the warrior from Warriors' Experience

  • Martyr, the, versus the warrior
  • Morality, futility of
  • Freedom, equality and brotherhood
  • Equality, brotherhood and freedom
  • Brotherhood, equality and freedom


Théun, on the issue of freedom, equality and brotherhood, I feel that who better to fight for freedom, equality and brotherhood, than the man who feels the greatest pain at their misuse? I respect suffering. It's the suffering that nags at one to awaken. Am I right?


LOL! Are you serious? Unless you drop THAT crap YOU will be in pain! Freedom, equality and brotherhood, my friend, have got sweet blow all to do with martyrdom! It is undeniably true that the warrior DOES feel pain whenever these aspects of life are prostituted in some way, but this is only because he fights for what is life-supportive! The warrior does NOT feel pain BECAUSE something is immoral! And neither does a warrior fight for freedom, equality and brotherhood for moral reasons!