Nagal, a, support from, examples of from Warriors' Experience

  • Nagal, a, support from, examples of
  • Dreamer (s), the Southerly, purpose of
  • Dreaming, symbols, using the
  • Support, from the nagal
  • Action (s), importance of
  • Shortcomings (Weaknesses), working with one's
  • Spoon feeding


Théun, you recently told me to have a go at stabbing a few little toes. Wielding a sword is not what I have always wanted for myself, but in pondering your guidance I believe I have come to see somewhat beyond the face value of your words. So I have been thinking about how I could do this in a life-supportive way. What immediately came to mind is that I am a Southerly Dreamer, and as such I am supposed to nurture the purpose of the group. However, at this point in my learning I am not at all sure how to do this, so this then brought me to my jewel, namely, Impeccability. My feeling right now is that your guidance has to do with me using my jewel. Anyway, where I am coming from is that I know by now that there is little point in expecting you to spoonfeed me, so I figured that if I at least tell you what I have learned, and I am wrong, then at least my mistaken perception will attract further guidance and clarity for all of us. I feel I am on the right track, so I am about to set off for my first toe stabbing! LOL! I am about to start with Z at the tea break!


Fantastic! And just when I had begun to fear that I may NEVER see you with a sword in your hand! LOL!