Nagal, a, support from, examples of from Warriors' Experience

  • Nagal, a, support from, examples of
  • Crisis, of the male
  • Support, from the nagal
  • Male, the, crisis of


Théun, I don't understand where X is coming from! He has challenged my role as alpha male and is accusing me of being mother! All I can assume is that HE wants to be the alpha male around here!


Z! When I supported you in becoming the Male Leader of the UK Forum, it was not ONLY because power had made it clear that it is to be you, but ALSO because I could see your potential, and my BELIEF in you was that you are going to be-come a truly great leader for your people! Was I then so wrong, Z? Am I still a complete arsehole to hold onto my belief in you? Are you so ARROGANT and SELF-IMPORTANT that you would rather hold onto your goddamned BENT tiara than to THROW the bloody thing away, brush yourself off, PICK UP your sword and START to FIGHT like a true MALE, a Man of Action?! If you do THIS to me, I will not only tear strips off you, but I will also give you a blow from the nagal that you will NEVER forget! Get up! Are you a mouse, a dirty RAT, or do you have what it takes to be-come a warrior?!

ALL your people, including the Americans and the Russians are desperately LOOKING to YOU to WIN! IF YOU CANNOT DO IT, Z, then HOW can they? Drop the bloody self-importance, drop the hurt little ego, drop ALL the BLOODY BULLSHIT and FIGHT like NEVER before! Do you honestly believe that it is possible to be GIVEN power? You, fool! ALL OF US MUST CLAIM OUR POWER for ourselves, by ourselves. And look HOW MUCH support you have already been given. LOOK at how MUCH support X is giving you within the context of his ambush on you! You are so full of self-pity, Z, but where is that SPIRIT of the Celtic Warrior now!!! SHOW IT, Z, SHOW IT!!!

X does NOT WANT to lead!!! BUT on behalf of YOU and everyone else, he is showing by example that unless we are prepared to STEP OUT of the circle we just keep going round and round forever! We NEVER get given a challenge that we cannot handle! So are you going to RUN away from this challenge, Z? If so, then I will be forced to say goodbye, my "friend", for you would then truly have proved yourself unworthy of TRUST and LOYALTY and FRIENDSHIP!

THIS is not YOUR challenge only, Z, it is OUR MUTUAL CHALLENGE! We stand TOGETHER, remember?! So are you going to continue being so goddamned SEPARATIVE, or are you going to OPEN UP and be WILLING to learn so that we can ALL move FORWARD together? YOU, Z, may be arrogant enough to WANT to FAIL, but I do not take kindly to having to go DOWN with a friend in whom I have placed my trust. SO! GET UP! And FIGHT!

In the miscarriage of your and your wife's unborn infant you have already been given the indication from power that THIS is the death of the old. It is TIME to reach for the new, Z. BUT this is for you a VITAL crisis point, and because you are one of the leaders it is also a crisis point for the Forums. Are you going to TAKE them DOWN with you, or are you going to UPHOLD them by FIGHTING?!

Russell and I wish to STAND BY YOU, With all of our love, our warmth, our respect, and our support, But we cannot fight your battles for you, and neither do we wish to, for this would merely disempower you!