Victor (s), versus victim from Warriors' Experience

  • Victor (s), versus victim
  • Self-centredness, effects of
  • Folly, laughing at
  • Warrior ('s), the, approach to, battles
  • Victim (s), versus victor
  • Self-importance, effects of


Théun, after all your teasing of me I am finally beginning to see my folly for what it really is. Thank you! :)


Hey! Now THERE'S the spirit! <g> You see? It is such FUN to laugh at our folly. Besides which, remember that if we take ourselves seriously, then we have lost the battle even before it has been engaged, for the odds against us, my friend, are truly impossible! We can only fight an IMPECCABLE battle and leave the outcome in the hands of the powers of destiny. Sometimes we win and we laugh; sometimes we lose and we cry. But for the true warrior this is all in a day's work, a lifetime's work! It is only self-importance and self-centredness that makes us want to believe in the folly of being a victor or a victim. No-one and nothing is any more or any less important than anyone or anything else. In reality there are no victors and there are no victims. We are all just quite simply, and humbly, units of the One Life playing out our own roles within the unfoldment of the destiny of ALL.