Retreat (s), meaning of from Warriors' Experience

  • Retreat (s), meaning of
  • Retreat (s), purpose of
  • Guidance, reflecting upon and absorbing
  • Guidance, listening to
  • Potential, unfolding of

Dear Members of the UK, NA & Russian Forums,

By now you should have started to notice how I have been using your folly in trying to get you to learn HOW to SHIFT THE FOCUS, which is so VITAL before true learning can become possible. As a result, I have changed tack many times already, and I will continue to do so, for COMPLACENCY leads to INERTIA and consequently no true learning can take place.

So! Here comes the next AMBUSH! Having come this far, it is time to STOP and to RE-SPECT ALL the guidance that has been given so far, from Day 1 through to the present. This is vitally important in terms of RE-TREAT-ING the battle. Without this you will only continue to work at the superficial level at which most of you are still working. I am not saying this in terms of recrimination, but in order to bring you the needed clarity. All in all I feel that you have all come a long way in the short space of time that you have been engaged with this work, and in this respect I want all of you to know that I am pleased with your progress so far and that I can see the potential within the forums beginning to gain in substance. However, as I have also already told you many times, unless potential is materialised we might just as well not have it. BUT to materialise the growing potential in you all, and collectively as groups, we must now first RE-TREAT for a while.

My Scholar will be directing this exercise, assisted by Y. My unit of warriors will all be playing their part, according to their own directions, in helping you to grasp that which you may have difficulty with. I will continue to give guidance to you all if and where necessary. With respect to this, also please note that during the duration of this exercise, I do NOT, and I repeat, I do NOT want you to continue forging ahead with posting endless emails on the e-group. This is a time for consolidation of all the teachings already imparted and MOST ESPECIALLY in the sense of putting that guidance INTO PRACTICE in your daily lives. So, if I have not yet made myself clear, then let me say it in this way; SHUT UP until I say that you may now write emails again! The ONLY emails you are required to write for the duration of this exercise are in terms of collating ALL the guidance given to date. My Scholar will explain this to you in his email. However, you may ALSO write to seek clarification on any difficulty you may have in either your understanding or implementation of any particular piece of guidance.

To assist you with the left-sided guidance I have been giving you lately, I will soon work through a few examples for your benefit.

With much love and warmth to you all,