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Dear Members of Hunters' Lodge e-group,

I trust that you are all keeping well and having a lot of fun with your RE-SEARCHING. Théun and I feel that at this time of RE-TREATING it is appropriate to share with you all an Injunction given to his unit of warriors by The Guardians of the Race some years ago. It is relevant to every one of you. Endeavour to read this Injunction with your HEARTS, and with every fibre of your being ABSORB the message imparted.

With warm regards,


My hearty good greetings to you all. You may well wonder why I am choosing to communicate this message by pen rather than verbally. The reason being that it is an injunction from Those Whom I serve, and as They seldom give injunctions we who serve Them have learned from experience that when They do give injunctions, then it is only because the message of that injunction is of dire importance. So it is because I look upon this injunction as being of paramount import that I record it for your convenience and memory.

As you all know, this is humanity's hour of power, and as has been predicted since time immemorial, this is a time of opportunity as has never before been known or seen. To put it in a nutshell - the curtain shielding the Sanctum Sanctorum from the eyes of the profane has been rent with the sounding of the Cry of the Eagle. Humanity has come of age and as such there will be no more secrets, as Christ also predicted.

What does this mean to you? Or more precisely, what does this mean to all those like you? It means that because humanity has become of age, all knowledge and information that has hitherto been kept in safe custody for man shall now be made freely available to all, including those who would use it for self-centred and destructive gain, for you must realise that power does not discriminate on the grounds of ethics or morality. Who will reveal all these secrets? Man, of course. In almost every department of human endeavour there are men and women who stand on the brink of tearing away the last vestiges of the curtain into the Sanctum Sanctorum. It is for this reason that I, amongst others of my kind, have incarnated at this time.

Yet few of you realise the full import of this fact. My task is not so much to reveal the Toltec tradition, for that will be grasped by many a rude and uncouth hand in the forthcoming plundering of the Temple of Humanity. Soon even the Sanctum Sanctorum will stand plundered. My task is to try to impart to humanity its Toltec legacy for which the Toltec tradition and its teachings are purely the vehicle. In other words, without that legacy the tradition is as empty as any other and the teachings are as worthless as any of the outdated practices of our time. It is the legacy which is the heart, the soul and the essence of the Knowledge Seekers characterised by the open hand and the open heart which I am imparting to you and to the rest of the world. Do you grasp the import and the profound implications of this fact? I hope so, for I do not really know how else to verbalise it. My work is to impart to humanity its Toltec legacy, but my challenge is a race against time. Will I, or more precisely, can I impart enough of the legacy before the Temple of Humanity is plundered? Is there no-one who can help me? Yes, but pitifully few. Those who are qualified to assist have their hands as full as my own. They are already working frantically to do what they can. But still there are also many others who could help, but as yet such workers are lazy. It is easier to plunder the Temple than to work and it is easier to rape the Knowledge Seekers than to learn. The injunction from the Guardians is a challenge to all of you and the likes of you, and it is as follows:

"The race against time is escalating. The Curtain, being rent, cannot hold much longer. Soon the Temple will be plundered. Tell them who can, to save as much of the Toltec legacy as possible and to keep it safe for their children and the children of their children. In the times to come only what such as these have saved will in any way serve to dimly light the way back to the Source through the Great Darkness which even now is descending rapidly.

"Those who can work must cease their laziness if not all is to be lost. Tell them the opportunity is theirs, and hope and pray they will seize the fleeting moment of chance. Both aspects of Atl must stand revealed for evolution to proceed intelligently in the face of the ancient challenge, but let us hope The Great Sacrifice will not be dimmed by The Divine Rebel.

"Yet tell them also to remember that in these times it is the power and the intent of The Divine Rebel that must be utilised to fight off the current trend towards laziness, apathy, and the inertia born of complacency. The Stalkers of Time will do what they can, but none of us can turn back the clock.

"What will be will be, but let us set our eyes upon the beauty of the Rose and not upon the treacherous thorns of its stem."

This is the best I can do in transcribing this ideogram. I hope that I have done it justice. What exactly does it mean? I think it is quite clear, in that it speaks for itself. It is as much a challenge to you as it is to all who can stand up and be counted in making their mark upon the world at this time. I am one of the few Toltecs of the Third Attention to be in incarnation at this time, and I am the last of the mystic nagals. When I die most of my knowledge which has its basis in those great mystical veils known as Time, will die with me. Such is the way in which power has set it up. In his pursuit of technology man will eliminate all traces of mysticism as the science of the mind becomes elevated as the new god. Feeling will be looked upon as superstition and the heart will be regarded as an inferior substitute for the supreme abilities of the intellect. In other words, man must and will throw away the baby with the bathwater, for only in this way can he begin to appreciate what he had but lost. Such is the Way of the Human being. Loss brings its own rewards, and absence makes the heart grow fonder.

What can you do? Speed up your learning. Stop wasting precious time on irrelevant pettiness and study, work and absorb with every fibre of impeccability you possess. All too often do you still fall into the trap of handling your apprenticeship like a mission of self-torture, instead of finding within it the heart. As a result, you resist, instead of absorb. This is especially true of techniques such as recapitulation and dreaming. Consequently you want knowledge, yet you find recapitulation too laborious, because for you it lacks purpose in this lifetime, and you find dreaming arduous because of turning it into a non-experience in your pursuit of intellectualism.

Clearly, even you are paying tribute to the new god. Having said this much, I must also point out that all of you have made tremendous progress since you started, but now you must pull out all the stops. Yet, in this, realise that the onus is upon you. There is no point in coming to me with questions such as: "Teach me about this, or that." For this there is no time. Instead you must study and learn as much as you can and use the time spent with me in asking only those pertinent questions which you know will guide you forward in your search for knowledge. My knowledge is freely available to you all, but you must learn how to tap that knowledge according to your needs. The greater your need, the greater is my knowledge, but you must have a need and only you can create that need. I cannot give you useless information that you do not need, for my own time is far too valuable. Use me whilst you still have me. When I am gone, so too will be the abilities of the Time Stalkers to fold back time - to reveal the emotional impetus of the Unspeakable. After the last of the mystical nagals are gone, mysticism will be no more and man will have to find his way back to the Source via another route, a new route to be born through the pain of loss. Gather and save for that journey now what you can.

With all my love to each and every one of you,
I sign myself in the name of service,