Warrior ('s), the, becoming, requirements for from Warriors' Experience

  • Warrior ('s), the, becoming, requirements for
  • Ruthlessness, examples of
  • Eagle, the, Cry of, meaning of the


As I progress upon this path I am learning more and more, and as I learn I am also beginning to see that even the strong have no guarantee that they are going to succeed in becoming warriors. What I am learning is that to become a warrior takes willingness and humility. But I do miss the people that have left the group. Will they be coming back?


:) It is good to see that you are finally dropping your ROMANTICISM concerning the Warrior's Path. There is nothing romantic about being a warrior - it takes climbing a sheer cliff face - extremely HARD WORK! In this I have NEVER taught anything else! Have you got what it takes? :)

And, no, X and Y will NOT be back, and neither will the others that have fallen off the bus! I warned about this before we started! This is the Cry of the Eagle, not a social club at which we can all air our VIEWS! None of us can have life on our terms!