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I am really struggling to get on top of recapitulation. For me it seems to be such a contradiction to live impeccably and yet at the same time be recapitulating. I mean how can you be busy with recapitulation whilst also being fully present in the moment? So I have been thinking that maybe I should take off from work for a while so that I can concentrate on just recapitulation. Do you advise this?


If you take time out to recapitulate you will NEVER catch up with your present life!

Recapitulation MUST start HERE and NOW, and then the THREADS from the past will COME to you HERE and NOW in the PRESENT moment - as you are LIVING THIS moment, with THESE people around you NOW! There is NO contradiction! The contradiction lies in your IDEA of what you THINK you UNDERSTAND about recapitulation. In other words, the contradiction exists nowhere but IN your MIND!