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After the death of our unborn child I dearly missed a kind word or two from you, Théun. But what I took out of this is that maybe I was just looking for sympathy, and I have since then learned that sympathy does not jibe well with power.


:) My dear friend, often in the life of a warrior he or she is FORCED to fight battles on EVERY hand. We simply cannot have life on our terms, and in this respect power shows no mercy and grants no quarter. At the time when your child died I was being forced to be everywhere at once, for I was fighting MANY battles simultaneously and it was simply not possible to do more than that, although I would have loved to do more, especially for you and your husband in your sad moment! My heart went out to you both, but there were just too many battles going on simultaneously, each one DEMANDING my presence! Therefore what I am saying here is that I did not have the time to reach out to the human side of either you or your husband. Let this be a lesson to you all! Power shows no mercy and grants no quarter! Harsh as this appears to be, it is a REALITY we all have to live with!