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Théun, you have pointed out to me that I am a Man of Action, but do all Men of Action have so much fear? My fear seems to stem from the fact that somebody may ask something of me which I am not even sure I have to offer! Does this make sense, or am I just full of crap?


Fearful and full of crap? LOL! Show me which Man of Action is not crapping in his pants all the time because of FEAR! LOL! But the secret is to step into that fear so as to dispel the illusion, otherwise the illusion will debilitate you!

Something you may have that others expect from you? Hmmmm! You are a hair's breadth away, my FRIEND, from a huge truth for Men of Action! Ponder this one very, very carefully! And then learn to OPEN UP WIDE to the spirit! If you don't you will remain closed and withdrawn for ever, caught in the world of the tonal!