Teachings, the Toltec, for the left side, examples of from Warriors' Experience

  • Teachings, the Toltec, for the left side, examples of
  • Dreaming, symbols, using the
  • Emotional, outburst
  • Self-importance, examples of


Théun, I would just like to say how very glad I am to have been allowed to join this group. I know it is going to be hard work, but I am looking forward to it and also to helping you wherever I may be needed! You can count on me! :) Hail, Caesar! :)


Good! :) I am sure you and I are going to get on just FINE! <wg> Just take care of that tiara you wear! Or is it a CROWN? <wg> I would hate it to fall on YOUR HANDS! Sometimes in hailing Caesar the EMOTIONAL impact of the MOMENT can cause us to reach for the KNOWN, in which case a well-intended act can rebound as an unintentional RE-ACTION! You have much to learn about stalking, my friend! Latin is but changing the FORM, just like a WOMAN will change one COLOUR of dress for another colour, but all the while KEEPING the CUTS CARE-FULLY IDENTICAL!