Teachings, the Toltec, for the left side, examples of from Warriors' Experience

  • Teachings, the Toltec, for the left side, examples of
  • Stalker, the Northerly, duty of
  • Stalking, in the second attention
  • Dreaming, controlled


Can you please give us some more left-side guidance. What I am most interested in trying to learn is to understand what is meant by "stalking in the second attention," and how this differs from controlled dreaming.

My ears are pricked up, nagal! Especially as I am a Northerly Stalker. :)


MY dear friend, I have already imparted much guidance with respect to stalking in the second attention. THIS is controlled dreaming, my dear brujo! But let that controlled dreaming always be towards FREEDOM and NEVER towards gaining CONTROL over our fellow men!

Do those "pricked up ears" of yours get a FEELING of HOW to work with the tensions inherent in Northerly Stalking?! If not, then speak to Y! Stability, in support of the male, is NOT inertia, meaning in support of the Mother!