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How does one uphold the honour of the warrior whilst also meeting man in the midst of his folly?


You must never forget that true honour is only possible where there is also a fluidity of perception. THIS, my friend, is the very meaning of true friendship. In this respect the warrior is forever WILLING to meet his fellow men in the MIDST of their folly, and he CAN do this because of his fluidity. But by the same token the warrior also NEVER sacrifices his honour!

Yet this is only the simple answer. To give you more at this point in time would disempower you. So I have merely pointed you in the right direction. Now you must ponder this apparent contradiction, my friend, for it holds a great POIGNANCY of LIFE, a poignancy that brings tears of JOY to the EYES of those who wish to see! And it is herein that lies true PEACE, your own jewel of awareness!