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Théun, you are for ever pointing out to me the folly of my youth, and I am starting to take strong offense to this! I am angry! However, I also realise that you must be trying to point something out to me, but right now I don't know what! I am just plain angry! I am about to go for a very important job interview, but I feel you are undermining me by constantly pointing out to me my folly!


My dear friend, why are you REALLY so angry and hurt? I mean HONESTLY so? :) You have carefully AVOIDED mentioning the real cause of your anger! But if this anger helps you to get the job you need, then it will have served you well! Good luck!

Furthermore, do nagals EVER get to CHOOSE anything, my friend? Do you believe that nagals can have life on their own terms? Do you believe that nagals get to CHOOSE their apprentices? THINK carefully BEFORE flying off the deep end like some jealous woman! Also think very carefully about HOW you first came to meet me! And yet have I not ALWAYS shown you how much I really do care about you? Have I not shown you the very meaning of OPENNESS?

And, oh, by the way, next time you are so pissed off with me for lighting a fire under your butt, address me OPENLY on the e-group! You do NOT have to send me a private email to express your anger!