Resistance, learning from from Warriors' Experience

  • Resistance, learning from
  • Human, the, nature of
  • Victim (s), nature of


Last week I had to undergo some surgery. Lying on the hospital bed before the surgery I was overcome with all sorts of emotions, from fear to upsetness, from self-pity to self-importance and from helplessness to humility, and all sorts of other emotions too! LOL! But what I DID learn from this experience is that I lived to tell the tale! So what was all the fuss about?


:) Is it not truly amazing how power works? Whilst you were filled with so MUCH resistance at this last retreat little did you know what was just around the corner! LOL! But what a wonder-full experience the surgery, eh? From now on bear in mind that ALL of life is about being HEALED in one way or another, and that there are MORE ways than one in which we are or become patients! So whilst before the surgery you were resisting loss of control, what power was teaching you is that many times within life fate decrees that we SHALL be FULLY CONSCIOUS throughout the "surgery", no matter HOW painful or humbling! Strangely, in moments like these we can find ourselves desperately LONGING for an anaesthetic. Humans are odd creatures, really! :) If we are GIVEN anaesthetic, we feel humiliated! If we are not given anaesthetic we feel victimised! But this is equally true of love! If it is given freely, we feel imposed upon! If it is not given, we feel hard-done-by!