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  • Perception, selective, cause of
  • Maleness, lack of
  • Folly, laughing at
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Théun, can you please help me with a dream that I do not quite understand. The dream goes like this:

I am flying in an aircraft with two lesbians. I feel a strong desire to flirt with them both, but instead we start to exchange ideas on various concepts, including what it means to me to be male. Then I get tired and decide to lie down on a bed, so I put the aircraft on autopilot. However, as soon as I lay down the aircraft started to fly in circles. I woke up from the dream, but for some reason found it very funny and so had a jolly good laugh at flying in circles.


:) It is always good to be able to laugh at our own folly, for when we take ourselves seriously we inevitably begin to exercise SELECTIVE perception and before we know where we are, we have just once again MATERIALISED our view of the world!

But what does it mean to YOU to be MALE? What about the two lesbians in your dream, and starting to fly in CIRCLES? It seems to me that your dreamer is trying to show you that your perception of MALENESS is all based upon so many IDEAS, and that your perception of the FEMALE is based upon your own LACK of maleness!