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  • Sex, pre-marital, implications within


Théun, I would like to ask your guidance on a young lady that I met recently. We both like each other very much and she has now moved in with me. However, some members of the group have pointed out to me that this is generally frowned upon. Can you please explain to me the rules regarding relationships like mine?


There are NO rules as such, only responsibility! So if this young woman has now moved in with you I only hope that you are NOT busy turning her into a DISHONEST woman! You KNOW that I do NOT condone premarital sex, so I am not too sure what you are asking! You either commit to a female and marry her! Or at least, until you DO commit, there should NOT be a sexual relationship between you.

So IF you are intending to tread the Warrior's Path and to remain an apprentice of mine you had better think again! And FAST! I will NOT support anyone in their weaknesses! I have been very tolerant towards those unmarried couples who came to me, but who were already together before they started working with me. But STILL I have been gently but firmly pushing them into making a commitment to each other! However you cannot just CHOOSE to IGNORE those teachings which do not SUIT you!

So make up your mind about this young woman. Are you going to marry her or not? And IF you have already "taken" her, in the sense of having had sex with her, then by rights you have CONSUMMATED your relationship and therefore, if you are going to be impeccable about this, you MUST now marry her!