Wanting, versus needing from Warriors' Experience

  • Wanting, versus needing
  • Willingness, importance of
  • Need (s), versus wants
  • Sobriety (Clarity), lack of, cause of
  • Sobriety (Clarity), acquisition of, requirements for
  • Life, nature of
  • Moving in circles


I find it so difficult to arrive at my own clarity. Why is this?


If only you will take ON BOARD the guidance you receive from life all around you every day of your life, the clarity you need is right THERE for the taking! It really is as SIMPLE as that, for life itself is so serenely simple, so ordered and so beautiful! And yet how people WISH to COMPLICATE things, to CONFUSE themselves and turn everything into something UGLY just so that they can CLING to their precious view of the world!

How much time do you not SPEND circling round and round endlessly in the mind, desperately trying to convince yourself of the NEED to move forward, when in REALITY you so badly WANT to remain attached to what you CON-SIDER to be the one and ONLY reality? Reality? WHAT reality? NEED versus WANT! LIFE versus WILLINGNESS! NOW versus JUST NOW! But if one foot is firmly anchored within the KNOWN of your view of the world, whilst you are busy running with the other foot, is it then a wonder that you go round and round in circles? Strange creatures, human beings! <wg>