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  • Russia, Théun's decision concerning his work in
  • Théun Mares, decision concerning his work in Russia

Dear Y and Members of the Russian Forum,

I am truly amazed at the emotional REACTION my decision concerning the Russian retreats has called forth from you. I must say that it has left me with no SMALL amount of anger! But perhaps this IS the very BEST thing that could ever have happened for ALL of you! CLEARLY, either your English is SO POOR that this e-forum is just NOT serving you or fulfilling your needs, or else your perception is SO highly selective that this e-forum is likewise of no benefit to you! So be it, for I am NOT going to FIGHT for people who do not WISH to uplift themselves, but who are instead determined to have life on their own terms!

I fail to UNDER-STAND why you should CHOOSE to perceive that attending retreats outside of your country should be such a violation to your sense of loyalty to Russia and her people! It is INSANE! It is perfectly okay for ME to travel to you to teach you in Russia, but it is NOT okay for YOU to attend a retreat in England! We are talking about at MOST two long weekends per year that you will be OUT of your precious country! The rest of the time you will all be back in your beloved country, living in your own homes and doing whatever it is you normally do! But if this is TOO much EFFORT, or if it is being so horrendously disloyal to Russia and her people, then so be it!

Y, I ACCEPT your resignation as leader wholeheartedly! I do not believe that the Russian people need a leader who is so highly selective in his perception! Perhaps this IS what X has been trying to point out all along? But in any case, those of you who wish to remain on the HuntersLodge e-forum must now find yourselves a new leader, for you need someone, a male, who CAN provide you with a lead, who will point out the direction to be followed by you as a group, and who will prescribe for you the method to be employed AS a GROUP working under my guidance. Once you have found such a leader he can DE-CIDE as to whether there is any further benefit for you in continuing to work with me or not. As you have no time to waste in this, may I, in what could well turn out to be my FINAL guidance to you, AT LEAST point you in the right direction!

The only person amongst you who has shown the potential and the STRENGTH to truly CONTAIN you and LEAD you, is Z! I have obviously never met Z and until I do I CANNOT be sure, but I believe Z to be a stalker and a nagal! Because I am having to go out on a very LONG limb here I may well be wrong, which is exactly why I HATE being FORCED into doing this sort of thing! But your present situation is so DIRE that I feel power has left me no choice other than to HAVE to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. In any event, even IF Z turns out NOT to be nagal, at least his grasp of the teachings, his grasp of the English language and just his strength alone, will make of him an excellent leader! But the choice is, of course, yours! But by Monday morning you must have chosen a new leader, whether you follow my guidance or not! Perhaps your new leader will consider that because of Y's loyalty to you all and because of his experience in having worked with you all, Y could be of great value in assisting the leader in the administration concerning the Russian Group? But in all of this I am merely making suggestions. The choice remains entirely yours!