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Théun, I am beginning to stand firm with the women in my life by not allowing them to seduce me. However, a lady I met recently quite openly resisted my lead whilst we were sharing some time together on a sofa. We were sitting together having coffee and sharing, but also with some heavy petting, when she suddenly started to fondle my genitals! I was shocked and taken aback by this and told her that this behaviour would have to stop. Why did I call forth this experience?


LOL! It is good to see that even great big teddy bears like you can stand firm. Nonetheless, because of this experience you can now also see why it is so important to be wide awake at all times! The mistake you made was to ASSUME that you already KNEW what was transpiring between you and this lady, instead of approaching this interaction as the POTENTIAL inherent within any battle! If you had, you would have approached it, not with heavy petting, which IS your past behaviour, that is, your FOLLY, but with the warrior's shield at the ready. Had you been wide awake, fearful, respectful, and fully assured right from the beginning, this lady would not have been ABLE to grab you by the balls to start with!