Teachings, the Toltec, for the left side, examples of from Warriors' Experience

  • Teachings, the Toltec, for the left side, examples of
  • Dreaming, symbols, using the
  • Nagal, a, blow from, examples of
  • Age, effects of


X is really, really irritating me! I find him to be a sanctimonious and pompous arsehole! In fact he makes me feel like something is stuck in my throat, causing me to choke! Can you give me some guidance on how to relate to him?


My friend, X happens to be 22 years old! It is NOT easy being 22, for although TECHNICALLY speaking he is an adult, how many 22 year-olds truly have enough life's experience to be Mr. or Ms. Perfect? But YOU have enough experience of life, AND of what it is to be 22, to be MUCH more tolerant in your approach towards those younger than yourself!

SO! Mr. Sarcasm! WHAT is REALLY bugging you about the mirror you find in X? Spit it out! What is it that is causing you to choke? Your OWN penis? If so, then may I suggest that you take it out of your THROAT, STICK it in your EAR, and go to the next FANCY DRESS PARTY as a PETROL PUMP!