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I spent this past Christmas with some family. However, it did not go well when it came to handing out Christmas gifts. My family had all taken great care in choosing gifts for me that were very personal and meaningful for me. My own gifts to them, on the other hand, were clearly met with disappointment, especially from the children. I was left feeling that no matter what I do I always seem to get it wrong!


Hmmmmm! A power-full and truly humbling lesson in CARE-LESS-NESS, would you not agree? You imply that these people are special to you, but you do not say that you love them! Interesting! It feels to me that you are more wanting not to disappoint them rather than wanting to express your love to them. Do you grasp? You are still MORE concerned about what they think of you, than you are about being CARE-full, or FULL of CARE for those you love!