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A friend of mine, according to my feeling on what is right and wrong, recently overstepped the mark in our relationship by behaving in a way that I see as not being life-supportive. So I told him that I do not wish to see him again until such time as that he has changed his behaviour. Do you think I was being to harsh with him?


My friend, I am here to empower you as well as everyone else, and therefore it is in that spirit that I am not going to interfere with your decision with respect to your friend. So let your decision stand! However, do RE-MEMBER that ruthlessness starts with the self and therefore take on board FULLY the same guidance you gave your friend! ABSORB, my friend!

May this action of yours serve to OPEN the hearts of both you and your friend that little bit more! My deepest wish for you both is that you will find each other soon.