Nagal, a, blow from, examples of from Warriors' Experience

  • Nagal, a, blow from, examples of
  • Male, the, lead, examples of
  • Willingness, importance of
  • Role (s), of the male
  • Lead, the, of the male, example of
  • Male, the, role of


Since coming to this path I have learned to see how very much Mother my wife is. She wants our relationship only on HER terms, and we fight endlessly about who's right and who's wrong. I know that you have already given me a lot of guidance on my marriage, but is there anything else you can offer me?


How about really providing a TRUE male lead by starting off with the question: "Do I really WANT this relationship to work?" Answer this for yourself, by yourself, and then ask your wife the same question. Then as the male put BOTH of your answers together and see what is the outcome. What I am saying is KEEP IT SIMPLE, mother! IF this relationship is IMPORTANT enough for both of you, then you will also BOTH have the WILLINGNESS to FIGHT for it with every fibre of your being, instead of arguing about knitting patterns! Goddamit, Y! Find your bloody balls if you ever had any to start with! And stop your boring pissing and moaning! You are more mother than your wife could ever be!