Guidance, interpreted, dangers within from Warriors' Experience

  • Guidance, interpreted, dangers within
  • Shadow (s), combing the, nature of
  • Mind (s), versus heart
  • Heart, the, versus mind
  • Feeling (s), listening to

Dear G,

Remember in that in combing the shadows the heart is instantaneous. It is the mind that needs time and usually because we want life on our own terms. Our hearts tell us one thing, but because we may not like it, or are too lazy to implement the guidance, we try and interpret the feeling according to our view of the world. We then misguidedly assume that we are following our hearts, when in fact we are stuck on some intellectual merry-go-round. Taking action based on a feeling without 'consulting' the mind very often terrifies the mind. But then, we all have a choice; follow the heart or follow the mind? THIS is the question.

With warm regards,