Weaknesses, supporting, results of from Warriors' Experience

  • Weaknesses, supporting, results of
  • Support, of weaknesses, results of
  • Guidance, is a privilege not a right

Dear V,

Protect your husband and you will go down the drain! Do I need to spell out to you what goes down drains?

Your attempts at provocation are puerile! You have obviously not been wanting to take the lead I have been trying to give you for some time now. Your husband may be BEHIND, but that is the lead you have chosen to take! So STOP pissing and moaning!

So! Going down the drain? Yes, V, I too have on occasion in my life very nearly gone down the drain because of a lack of clarity. But I have also had friends who loved me enough not to stand by and watch me go down the drain!

As far as the rest of Théun's warriors go, realise that receiving their guidance is a privilege and not a right that either YOU or anyone else can demand! Would you prefer NOT to receive any guidance from them? They are all FAR to busy to climb off their horses and have a cosy picnic with you! Either you learn to run or you stay behind! Make a choice!