Motives, importance of from Warriors' Experience

  • Motives, importance of
  • Relationship (s), requirements for
  • Warrior ('s), the, nature of
  • Trust, requirements for
  • Faltering

Dear Z,

When the odds against us are as impossible as they are we will, at times, falter. The warrior is not concerned with 'winning' or 'losing', but rather in how impeccably he has acted. Was his MOTIVE heartfelt? If he falters, he gets up, brushes himself off, claims his gift of power and moves on to the next battle.

Remember that you and your fiancé are starting from scratch, and it takes time to establish trust. The crucial ingredient from both you and your fiancé is a heartfelt WILLINGNESS to relate to each other, and thereby BUILD a relationship.

Don't lose sight of the journey! Savour, savour. It's over all too quickly!

With warm support,