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Dear F,

Firstly, there are no victims in this world. We call forth ALL the circumstances in our lives, so as to learn. Therefore there is a reason why homosexuality was "forced" on you, and to indulge in the blame game is going to get you nowhere.

You don't mention whether or not you ENJOY being homosexual. Do you BELIEVE you are a homosexual or do you think you are confused about your sexuality? The 'WHY' you have asked yourself does indeed need to be answered. The CAUSE needs to be addressed, and only then does it become possible to eradicate the SYMPTOM.

Being the passive partner in a homosexual relationship is indicative of an incredibly low self-image. The rationale being, "I don't deserve any love and warmth from the male, I only deserve to be screwed." Believing they have no value at all, they cannot understand why anybody would want to express love and warmth towards them.

But coming into this equation is also the fact that humanity cannot as yet differentiate between true love and warmth, versus the sexual act. In addition to this is also the fact that humanity today is spelling SEX with capital letters, and therefore people have begun to believe that they have no real value other than how good a fuck they are, either in doing it, or having it done to them. Homosexuals are no exception. Therefore in the case of the passive homosexual, who already has a very poor self-image, he quite literally believes that he can only be loved by his partner if he allows himself to be screwed, both physically as well as emotionally, and even mentally. As a result the passive homosexual will often unconsciously seek out abusive partners, and even S & M.

The active homosexual, on the other hand, is usually driven by either a fear of, or else a hatred for the male, but in most cases, a hatred for the male. Consequently such a man wants to screw other males as an expression of that anger/fear.

So, Z, the question to really ask yourself is, why ARE you the passive partner?

Also, realise that the true male is a warm, gentle and sensitive being, but this does NOT imply that he is in any way homosexual. My feeling is that what you term your sensitivity is in actual fact a justification for being a super-soft doormat! Judging by your utter state of confusion surrounding your so-called sensitivity, my guess is that by now you are a THREADBARE doormat!

What are you trying to justify and validate within yourself? Homosexuality, or your doormat tendencies? I ask this because you MUST ascertain for yourself whether or not you believe yourself to be a confirmed homosexual or not, for otherwise there just is NO WAY forward. If I may use here the example of alcoholism to bring you more clarity. Unless an alcoholic can ADMIT to himself that he IS an alcoholic, and does indeed HAVE a drinking problem, there is absolutely no way in which he can cure himself, or be cured by anyone else.

We would very much like to support you in this battle, my friend, but FIRST you MUST be clear on wherein lies your REAL battle!

With warm regards,