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Dear B,

You have been doing well, my friend, so don't begin to undermine yourself now! Whatever you focus your intent on, WILL GROW! It's that simple. So be CARE-FULL where you place your intent.

Shift the focus to what it is you want to achieve. We very often end up manifesting our worst fear, so confront your fear, step over it, and find the right battle.

Your broody sombreness is inherent within the 7. Until the true nature of these qualities is realised they often manifest as shortcomings, i.e., going within and becoming morbid, as opposed to going within and becoming at-one with the sheer beauty of life. Put your focus there.

Men of Action often come across as threatening and menacing due to the fact that the North IS the battlefield. That drive and urgency must be tempered with warmth, gentleness and the willingness to see things through the EYES of others. By the same token there will be times when action is required that will appear menacing. The only guidance I can offer you here is to ALWAYS check your MOTIVE for any particular action. Even when your motive is life uplifting, your actions can still be PERCEIVED as menacing.

Have you happened upon that manual any-where? :)

With my warmth and support,