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Dear J,

Recall my earlier message to you. When someone points out POSSIBLE pitfalls to you don't immediately assume the negative. It is so clear to see that you have much clarity on your behaviour and its different manifestations. It is that clarity you need to mobilise in standing firm in your knowledge of where you are coming from. Therefore when someone offers you their perspective, do not automatically jump to the conclusion that your feelings are wrong, or inappropriate. Take on board what that person has to say, honestly assess it for its merits, ascertain what your motive was and based on an honest appraisal of your actions, either amend them, or STAND firm. Sure, grass before the wind bends, but then it also gets eaten. Fodder is not what warriors are made of!

That lack of vitality you feel can be attributed to never standing firm in your own knowledge. From now on, I'm watching you too.

With warm regards,

P.S. North American slush and slime? North America is the love aspect of the planet's Heart Centre. Due to the fact that humanity so mis-understands true love, what is personified in the North American people is the proverbial do-gooder. Emotion runs rampant, unchecked by either wisdom or real responsibility. This is often a gooey mess, but we prefer the phrase, slush and slime. :)