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  • Male, the, lead, explained
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  • Female, the, intelligent co-operation with
  • Dreams, nature of
  • Dreams, Théun in other people's

Dear K,

Controlling one's folly is certainly an art.

I suggest that you study The Quest for Maleness very CARE-FULLY. You must be OPEN to the female, but you must also CONTAIN her. Being open to, and containing the female does not imply that you follow her folly to a point of absurdity. That is not a male lead, it is the antics of a clown. It is also indicative of your lack of responsibility with RESPECT to intelligently co-operating with your wife.

Also, as you have brought up the subject of dreams I feel it is time to address the issue of people seeing Théun in their dreams. Firstly, realise that the dreamers of mankind are fully group-conscious. In Théun's capacity as nagal, and due to the portfolio he is responsible for in this lifetime, he is an instrument through which the dreamers work. As such, many people do see Théun in their dreams, but Théun in no way whatsoever interferes with the work of the dreamers, or is personally responsible for appearing in people's dreams. The problem arises in how people interpret their dreams. Instead of seeing Théun as a SYMBOL for a message their dreamers are trying to get through to them, people assume that it is Théun himself appearing in their dreams.

This is not the case.

With warm regards,