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  • Male (s), relationships between, misconceptions concerning
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Dear X,

You are so OBSESSED with the goal that in your haste you are tripping yourself up by going off on tangents of assumed understanding! Why are you so fearful of these feelings of yours with respect to males? Just work with them quietly, instead of going into a panic about what they may or may not mean at this point in your current understanding of both yourself and life!

Why should reaching out to another male necessarily imply being homosexual? What you have noticed with respect to being stuck in your head/known and your behaviour towards the female is of huge help to you, should you wish to use this knowledge. So give yourself CREDIT for this new knowledge gained! Why immediately assume that it is all negative? The very fact that you have learned something about your behaviour is already a big step in the RIGHT direction! So don't undermine yourself by becoming negative and thereby assuming the worst about yourself!

In a previous posting I asked you to go BEYOND the face value of wanting to kiss a male. Why did you see only the negative here? I also pointed out the true meaning of wanting to bond. Why should the desire to be at-one with the male (representative of the spirit) mean that you are homosexual? It is not the DESIRE that is misleading, but your INTERPRETATION of that desire! So I am not saying that you should rush around kissing every male you come across, but work with your desire to want to do so.

From what I can ascertain you are now intending to swing to the opposite polarity! In your FEAR of possibly having homosexual tendencies, and in your HASTE to RESOLVE this challenge, you imply that you are now going to include the female, whilst IGNORING and thereby excluding the male, or at least your feelings towards males! But such swinging from one polarity to the other is going to get you nowhere fast. STAY WITH your current challenge and work THROUGH it impeccably, not in a fear driven rush!! By all means start including the female properly in your life, but also start OWNING/INCLUDING your TRUE feelings with respect to the male, rather than taking FRIGHT because of your interpretations of those feelings.

With warm regards,